Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Around the House

We are continuing to explore our house and the neighborhood around it. Last night, we discovered that the control panel outside our shower room turns the vent in the shower into a dryer. That explains the hangers in the bathroom! We also recently went to an electronics store and were surprised to find $600 rice cookers and countertop dishwashers. It's always fun to find new stores and then it's not so fun when you look at the prices! Anyways, here are a few more pictures for you.
Cash likes his girly high chair:

When we turn the kitchen light on at night, it attracts bugs to the window, which attracts some geckos. We usually have two on the window, but sometimes there are four--and they really enjoy their dinner. They also enjoy our front garden!


jesse said...

i wish we had geko's here
they look so cool

and no wonder cash like his chair
that things is tight its like
the coolest high chair in japan
talk to u later