Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas in Japan was very memorable! It started with a trip to the hospital and ended with a trip to a great Indian restaurant, Khana Peena. On Christmas Eve, I was slicing cucumber while talking and accidentally sliced a small bit of the side of my thumb off. Luckily, our friends came over and were able to take me to the hospital and translate for me. The treatment was very interesting. To stop the bleeding, they injected four shots of novocaine into my thumb and then cauterized the wound with electric current. We were in and out in 45 minutes and the treatment and checkup cost $20. Afterwards, we were able to have a traditional Japanese Christmas dinner courtesy of our friends. That means KFC Christmas Pack and Christmas cake!

Christmas morning was a bit rushed, as we had to go back to the hospital for a checkup. We did manage to talk to and see my family gathered together via our webcam, so that was very neat! Here is Cash opening his stocking:

I like this thing they call "Christmas":

Cash got some neat toys from friends around here and a cute little barking/meowing toy from Grandma Betty, which he loves. Of course, he'd rather chew on candy wrappers than open presents. After the hospital and presents, we hiked the 1300+ steps to Konpira-san (more on that later) and then ate dinner at a yummy Indian restaurant, which was a vegetarian's dream. At the end of the day, Fox and I were shocked to realize that we didn't get a picture together as a family. Photoshop here we come!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taco Time

Yesterday was our day off, so we decided to do some shopping in Takamatsu, the capitol city an hour away. We stopped at a huge indoor mall to look for an anime shop and got lost along the way. Boy, am I glad we got lost! We went down a tiny side street and found a little shop that said "Tacos" on it. We found Mexican food!!! Mexican food is nowhere to be found in Marugame, save for a small package of frozen tortillas you can buy at a restaurant supply store. This shop, El Dorado, only served tacos, but they were piping hot and delicious. Fox and I were in heaven, especially because the owner held Cash while we ate and served him steamed pumpkin and apple juice. Fox and I were able to eat together! So, we are now in love with this place.
Outside the little taco shop:

A sleepy Cash allows one picture with the owners:

"I said 'One picture!'"

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, Fox!

Fox turned 27 yesterday! Hooray! To celebrate, we ordered authentic Italian pizza from Pizza Rone, in downtown Marugame, and had pizza and cupcakes at our friends' house.
Here is the little pizza shop. It was super busy, but at least there was no tuna and mayo pizza on the menu!

Cash and Kiz avoiding cooties:

A Large pizza--oops, should've ordered another!

Fox makes his birthday wish:

Bundled up for the ride home:

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today, Fox taught an adult class and talked about Christmas and introduced some Christmas music. He asked the class about Santa Claus. A few people didn't understand, so he drew a picture. "Oh!" They said, "Santa-san!" Meanwhile, at that exact time in the next town over, Cash was meeting Santa-san himself, in the form of a skinny Japanese man wearing a thin triangle of a white beard and a suit stuffed with bulky foam blocks. I had taken him to our baby group's Christmas party, where they turned off all of the lights in the room in anticipation and let this stranger (Santa) with a huge sack creep around a dark room with a bunch of very young kids and babies. Needless to say, all of the kids started crying, except the two American kids who were there, Cash and his 2 year old friend. We also decorated a felt Christmas tree, sangs Christmas songs in Japanese, and...listened to a corporate presentation on Soyjoy protein bars. Yes. After that, the moms and babies got stockings--For the moms, cookies! For the babies, origami paper and a rattle. We had a great time--I just wish I brought my camera with me! Maybe we will bump into Santa-san again, and I'll catch him on film!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

9 Months Old!

Hi, my name is Cash. I am 9 months old. I live in Japan. I like boiled carrots, lentil soup, and applesauce. My favorite things to do include:
playing the recorder:

bathing, occasionally:

sticking my butt in the air, which is how I usually fall asleep:

reading with my daddy:

and being naked as often as possible:

Doesn't everybody like that?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


In Japan, every prefecture is famous for something. We live in Kagawa prefecture, which just so happens to be famous for its
Udon. There are several ways to eat Udon. It's usually served up in a dashi broth with a thin slice of pink and white fish cake and a handful of slivered green onions. Here, they eat it hot in winter and cold in summer. I like both temperatures, and I've really gotten a taste for Udon lately, especially since it's served at every church function. There are numerous udon shops all around are city, but I like to make it at home for under 50 yen a bowl!
Here is how I like it:

This is Kitsune (which means "Fox") udon. The little pocket is aburage tofu, which is a deep fried, sweet, thin pocket of tofu.
It's dericious!