Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas in Japan was very memorable! It started with a trip to the hospital and ended with a trip to a great Indian restaurant, Khana Peena. On Christmas Eve, I was slicing cucumber while talking and accidentally sliced a small bit of the side of my thumb off. Luckily, our friends came over and were able to take me to the hospital and translate for me. The treatment was very interesting. To stop the bleeding, they injected four shots of novocaine into my thumb and then cauterized the wound with electric current. We were in and out in 45 minutes and the treatment and checkup cost $20. Afterwards, we were able to have a traditional Japanese Christmas dinner courtesy of our friends. That means KFC Christmas Pack and Christmas cake!

Christmas morning was a bit rushed, as we had to go back to the hospital for a checkup. We did manage to talk to and see my family gathered together via our webcam, so that was very neat! Here is Cash opening his stocking:

I like this thing they call "Christmas":

Cash got some neat toys from friends around here and a cute little barking/meowing toy from Grandma Betty, which he loves. Of course, he'd rather chew on candy wrappers than open presents. After the hospital and presents, we hiked the 1300+ steps to Konpira-san (more on that later) and then ate dinner at a yummy Indian restaurant, which was a vegetarian's dream. At the end of the day, Fox and I were shocked to realize that we didn't get a picture together as a family. Photoshop here we come!


Larissa said...

Yay! I hope your thumb heals nicely! It is hard to get family pics when it is just the 3 of you walking around (: But at least you got Cash at his 1st Christmas!

Joey said...

Hey, Merry Christmas. This may sound weird, but My wife and son used to live in your house their in Gunge Cho and we had a memorable Christmas there too. We worked At MIA before the Bennion's. I hope your staying warm in that place. Sorry to hear your cut your thumb. I remember almost knocking myself out running into the bedroom one day and hitting my head on the doorway. Ahh Japan. We miss it.

I don't know if Fumiyo is looking for a replacement for you guys, but if she is, tell her Joey may have found a couple interested.

I hope your having fun. Tell the Morimura's hello from the Franklins.

Pink Panda said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! We didn't get a family picture either!

Ru said...

Ouch Jo...please be more careful. Im glad you were able to see your family on Christmas. Oh I love Cash's stuffed noodle bowl. How unique