Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boy or Girl? Part II

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Yay! Fox called it (again), and I had dreams about boys (again--with Cash, I had dreams of girls). We are very excited to be able to finally use our girl name, and she'll have a Japanese middle name, although we're not sure which name yet. There are some very beautiful names in Japan. Today was our last doctor's visit in a foreign country for now. It has been a very interesting experience. As we got our ultrasound today, our doctor said, "Hmm...penis nai. Onanoko!" (Hmm..No penis. Girl!) I will definitely miss racking my brain's limited Japanese to figure out what my doctor just told me.

Here I am at 5 months along and sweating uncontrollably in this humidity. Do you see the length of my hair?! You won't see this length on me again, unless we move to Alaska. I am waiting for Fox to go to Texas for a week, and then I'm getting it cut. Don't tell!


Larissa said...

Yay - I called it too! No penis! Can't wait to hear the middle name (: and to have another girl to play with!!! Congrats!

megh said...

how funny. so where are you guys headed now? back to provo? our vote is for california, but it sounds like you already have plans...darn. well, to make it up to us, you can use brenden's suggestion and name your baby girl "carrie." he thinks it would be hilarious if your kids were cash and carrie. my husband is so funny. i'm SO not letting him choose a name for our next kid. hehehe. ps. he also suggests the name "tango" -- which he says fox will get, but i apparently don't.

Pink Panda said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for you guys!! We love you!!

Love, Megan

Pink Panda said...
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Pink Panda said...
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