Sunday, March 23, 2008

Silly boy

Cash's newest obsession is taking something from our front rooms and hiding them in the back rooms. He does it so quietly and secretly. One minute, he'll be sitting next to us quietly playing. All of a sudden, he practically runs out the door with something in his hand that he desperately has to tuck away into the most random spot he can find. Case in point: Fox found a spatula in his pants' drawer this morning. Last night, there was a teddy bear in the bathub, and my cinnamon jar at the bottom of the laundry basket. A few days ago, I opened Cash's clothes drawer to find a large stash of very bent UNO cards.

We caught him in the act yesterday morning as he was trying to hide two spoons he had grabbed off the table (he is a tall one!).

I wasn't hiding them, honest!

I was eating off 'em!


Larissa said...

That is too funny but so cute too!

Pink Panda said...

I miss Cash! He will be so big when you guys come back! Happy Easter!