Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cash was tagged by Ellie (aka the future Mrs. Ellison Ellis)

Ten Facts about Cash:
1.) Cash loves to help in the kitchen. He especially loves to suck on the salt shaker (no, I don't let him!) and play with the measuring spoons. Here he is helping me make bread:

2.) Cash loves dogs but doesn't like them up close. He loves to see them from a distance but hates petting them. Strange.

3.) Cash is very precise about his morning ritual. He wakes up at 5:50 am, has a banana, and then watches his Animal Adventures DVD. Don't freak out, Mom--it's a short video of classical music over a tour of the San Diego Zoo. He loves it, especially the butterfly area. If we try to alter the routine, he will point to his banana and the DVD.

4.) This boy loves to be outside. Here he is helping me in the garden.

5.) Cash loves music, especially "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and "One Little Finger". He is a sucker for Leann Rimes.

6.) Cash loves to read. His favorite books are "Baby Faces" from Grandma Joan and "Baby Sports" from Grandma Betty. They are tiny books featuring pictures of babies.

7.) This is funny, but Cash loves to lay down. He will be playing and then just lay down out of nowhere and continue playing.

8.) Cash has six teeth and is getting another molar and tooth as we speak.

9.) Cash loves pebbles. He will get a rock from our yard and hold it in his hand the whole time he is outside. I think he takes after my dad this way--a relaxation thing.

10.) He also loves girls! He will pat them on the back and hug them. Here he is giving a "love pebble" to another baby he met in Kyoto. He followed this girl down the pathway for about fifty yards. She rebuffed him, poor guy.

Cash tags: Shayla, Isaiah, Asher, Ava, and Graysen. Share 10 Facts!


Larissa said...

How cute! Cash is such a cutie! I cannot wait to see him in person again! What do we do now that we have been tagged? Just share 10 facts about them?

Dave said...

What a stud... he knows the the true key to a woman's heart is a big rock.