Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cash's First Haircut

Cash's curls were getting a little out of control, so I decided to take scissors into my own hands and give him a little trim.
Rocking out hippy baby:

I don't like the preppy look!

Well, I guess it's okay.

Ahem, notice how there are no pictures of the back of his head? It doesn't look too bad, but this was my first time cutting a squirmy toddler's hair. Practice makes perfect!


Larissa said...

Cute - i like it better shorter (:

Larissa said...

what is he listening to on the ipod?

Fran said...

Hi Amy and Fox,
Thanks again for your message. I'm not sure if my response reached you. I was wondering if you knew the location of any internet cafe near the railway station? So far, Rob has to walk to one that is 40 minutes away. His first week was pretty tough. Classes finishing after the last bus had already departed, no working washing machine or tv and no furniture in his apartment except his sleeping mat. Hopefully things will get easier. Thanks, Fran.

Fox and Amy said...

Hi Fran--With what school is Rob a teacher? I'm not quite sure of any internet cafes near the station. I think there is a curry and a coffee place downtown that might be an internet cafe. I'll check for you! Is there any way that he can contact us so that we can be of more help? Let us know!

Janie Ward said...

He is so adorable Amy! What a fun age he is to explore and discover things. Enjoy every moment!