Monday, June 2, 2008

Shikoku Mura

Last week, we went with a couple of our friends to Shikoku Mura in Takamatsu. Shikoku Mura is a historical site featuring original Japanese farmhouses dating from the 1800's and earlier. The farmhouses and building were taken from all around different sites in Shikoku, so that you can get a feel of which area used which architecture. It was really interesting tos ee all of the old, original buildings, but honestly, I just went for the vine bridge!

Fox, Cash, and Fox's friend Takagi-san behind him on the awesome vine bridge:

A sugar-cane press hut:

There were so many steps and crevices that Cash was in the backpack most of the time. He was very happy to be let out occasionally!

Cash staring at all of the soy sauce storage bottles, standing in front of a soy sauce factory.