Friday, June 27, 2008

Rice Planting Time

All around our area, the local farmers are planting their rice. The rice is implanted as a little shoot from a machine that looks like a riding mower that distributes the shoots evenly. Here is the newly planted rice behind our house:

Just a week before, this field was full of onions bursting from the ground. They were harvested and hung to dry in the farmer's shed. We've been able to eat some freshly picked onions, and they are so crisp and delicious!

I'm not sure how long these will hang here, but it's fun to walk by and get a huge whiff of onion. I can't believe I just said that--with my last pregnancy, I avoided onions the entire time. This time, I love them!


Kelsy said...

yum. that would be neat if the rice tasted like onion!